Complete Guide To Different Roulette Strategies

Roulette StrategyThere are lots of Roulette playing systems and strategies that you are going to find available all over the place.

However, do be aware that when you are playing Roulette in a real money playing environment no matter what strategy you adopt there is always going to be an element of risk and there can never be any guarantees that you are going to win!

In this section of our website we have put together all of the known Roulette Strategies and you will find an overview of each of them. Should you wish to learn more about any of them then each of them have been revealed on this website so simply follow the links to be presented with a deep insight into each of these Roulette strategies!

Please be aware that you may come across lots of websites online that are trying to sell you some form of guaranteed winning Roulette playing online strategy or playing system. There is, and never has been a guaranteed winning system, and all of those you will find for sale are simply one of the following strategies that have been given a new name to entice you into buying those Roulette playing systems! So never part with any money when you see a so called guaranteed winning Roulette playing system available anywhere online as there is no such thing!

Martingale – The Martingale system is a very high risk strategy in which a player will simply place a bet on the even money paying betting opportunities offered don a Roulette wheel and will keep on doubling their stakes until they win! This is not a system that will be suitable for all players for some large amounts of cash are needed to put it into play!

Grand Martingale – The Grand Martingale Roulette playing system is a revamped version of the above playing strategy and as such it may not be suitable for all players due to the very high element of risk attached to it.

Labouchere – The is a betting system on which you are required to write down a series of wagers on a card and then place them onto the betting layout, as soon as a winning spin is achieved you cross off numbers on your card in the hope you achieve a series of winning spins which out way the losing one’s!

D’Alembert – This is an unusual betting system that will call for you to decrease your stakes after a winning spin and increase them after a losing spin. It will take you quite a while to get your head around the way it works and play but is as good a system as any other!

Oscars Grind – This betting system will call of you to increase your bet if you have had a winning spin and then reduce the stakes down after a losing spin. It is in theory a system similar to the one above but with a certain number of staking differences.

The Paroli – This system will appeal to Roulette players who love getting onto a winning streak. The entire staking strategy of this Roulette system will see you maximizing the winning payout you can achieve as soon s you get onto a series of winning spins. The aim is of course to ride out those winning streaks to get the maximum possible returns before the winnings streak ends.

Shotwell System – This is a quite often used Roulette playing strategy and one that you may be interested in using yourself when you are next sat down or stood up at a Roulette table. When you choose to make use of the Shotwell Roulette system you are going to place a series of bets and wagers onto the betting layouts.

Those bets you do place are actually going to be evenly spread out on the betting layout and on the wheel itself and as such when the wheel is sent spinning no matter what segment of the wheel is spun in you have a chance of the ball landing on one of the ball wells covered by your wagers. Checkout our overview of this betting system as you may enjoy playing it.

The Red System – This system is quite unique as when you choose to make use of it you will only be placing two bets onto the betting layout at all times. It is a system whereby you will be placing a bet on the Black number bets and also on the third column on the betting layout. It is actually a very easy to master Roulette playing system and will be ideally suited to players looking for a reduced element of risk when playing Roulette.

However as with every other Roulette playing system anything can and always will happen when you play Roulette anywhere, so there are no guarantees this system will be the answer to your dreams!

Biased Wheel – This betting system will call for you to take note of the result of a huge number of spins on the wheel. What you will be looking for when you do so is whether one segment of the wheel is having the numbers locate don it spinning in more times than any other segment. When that happens you will often find the Roulette wheel is not correctly balance din the casino at which it is located, and as such certain numbers are going to spin in much more often than other numbers!

Dealer Signature – As strange as it may sound some Croupiers has something known as a Dealer Signature. When a Croupier is in charge of a Roulette game for a long period of time they will often get into a routine for spinning the ball and sending it into live play. When they do often a certain segment of the wheel is going to spin in more often than other segments of the wheel due to the way the Croupier always launches the ball and set the wheel spinning in a similar fashion.